Book Review: Bindi Vora’s “In the blue light we failed.”

Bindi Vora is London-based photographic artist known for her imaginative and conceptual work. Vora often plays with the analog processes of photography, including her series Lustre, which explores the surface a single sheet of processed chromogenic colour paper, and was previously featured in Capricious Issue No. 15—Boundaries. Vora continues this foray into process and abstraction with In the blue light we failed. In an edition of 100, the book is a collection of errors that, as Vora writes has “occurred unexpectedly when the camera failed to record, and process irreversibly left it’s mark upon the surface of an image.”

A photography book dedicated, in some sense, to the the artifice—giving aesthetic muscle to an interruption in the process. Some works fill the page with abstraction, while others let the intended image eek through in slivers. In this way, In the blue light we failed. moves in fits and starts. Vora parses through the various stages of photographic process—dictated by splashly light, fuzzy contours of objects, the ominous opaqueness of black and white, and the delicate muddle of in between—giving error intention and new light. 

In the blue light we failed. is handstitched and comes enclosed in a light tight bag, containing a unique photographic print on the cover that reacts to light when opened. 

Post by Anika Sabin

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